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    Battling Rules


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    default Battling Rules

    Post by Gamer2020 on Fri Dec 05, 2008 5:44 am

    Battle Rules
    1- No hacked Pokemon.
    2- No ubers.
    3- Hax clause.
    4- species clause.
    5-Item clause.
    6- You may play with Diamond, Pearl, Platnium, or PBR.
    7- all other rules of the site still apply.

    These are the basic rules for quick battles. I will add to this on a later date.
    You may play with other rules if both you and your opponent agree on them.

    You must have permission before starting a tournament. If you start a tournament without permission it will be locked.

    Don't start any clans or gyms because that is not allowed at the moment!

    More will be added later cause im tired.

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