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    Pokemon A New Begining


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    default Pokemon A New Begining

    Post by voltachu on Thu Dec 11, 2008 8:15 am

    This is my first hack so don't say things like go away noob etc.
    Im creating a hack of pokemon fire red called pokemon a new begining.
    the storyline is:
    your the son of ash (the main hero of the anime) and your starting out your own journey in the region of kanto. Like your father you recieve a strong pikachu at the begining and have a strong rival.
    There is also a new league though but that can only be faced after you beat the gym league and the e4.
    This league is known as the final 9(maybe 10) and it will contain all of the main characters
    from previous games or hacks. These would be red,silver(the guy from jhoto), Brandon, May, brock, misty, steven,(maybe ritchie) gary and the final trainer ash (your father).
    Some of the gym league will be changed such as some leaders like forest being the pewter city gym leader.
    And also there will be much stronger pokemon available to battle and capture all over kanto and much stronger trainers.
    You will also encounter some of the final 8 all over kanto(some may be closer than you think)
    i have no screenshots yet and need some help.
    I need :
    A scripter desperately
    In battle trainer sprite editor
    Maybe a text person (advanced map preferably)
    And someone maybe to help out with some mapping.
    and maybe if i get this made i can make some new ones in jhoto etc

    Please note that this is only an idea and if you think that this
    is a good idea and want to help please contact me via my profile, replying to this thread
    or maybe msn
    Thank you for reading.

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    default Re: Pokemon A New Begining

    Post by Hiche on Thu Dec 11, 2008 9:27 am

    This is a hack, not a game. I will move this to the early hacks section.

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    default Re: Pokemon A New Begining

    Post by G.K.S. on Thu Dec 11, 2008 11:56 pm

    Thanks for posting this. Good luck.

    For help on homework and for studying.

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    default Re: Pokemon A New Begining

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