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    Text Box Editting - By: thethethethe


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    default Text Box Editting - By: thethethethe

    Post by G.K.S. on Thu Jan 01, 2009 12:24 am

    Textbox Editing

    Textbox Editing
    Like my Grass editing tutorial, another quirky little edit.

    What you'll need:
    Visual Boy Advance
    Tile Molester (Or TLP or TileEd)
    Hex Editor (Anything with a search function, XVI32 is a basic freeware hex editor)
    A Rom (This tutorial uses a Fire Red rom)
    For tools, Google is your friend.

    I've written this tutorial for 12 steps and about 9 of them cover just finding the box. Okay, I'll get started now.
    Step 1. Open up your rom in VBA and run it to a screen that
    shows the textbox. Avoid using the Oak Intro, as the following steps do
    not work with it. This is the place I used.
    Step 2. Now open up the map Viewer in VBA
    Step 3. Click the corner of the textbox already in the little screen.
    Step 4. Take notice of the tile, which is important now and the palette, which will play a little part later.
    Step 5. Open up the tile viewer and find the tile viewer and find the corner tile. The Char base is found in the Map View.
    Step 6. Now check the palette just to make sure. Remember the
    palette number, that's what it is. The first palette is 0. The last
    palette is 15.
    Step 7. Take note of the Address.
    Step 8. Now open the memory viewer to the the address tthat I said to take note of from the tile viewer.
    Step 9.
    Now search for 5-6 of those bytes in your preferred hex editor. You
    should only come up with one hex address which is somewhere near
    Step 10. We're almost done now. Open up TileMolester or TLP or
    TileEd, whichever one you prefer and go to the address that was brought
    up in the hex editor.
    Step 11. Look it's the boxes that were in the map viewer. Change
    this to whatever you want. I don't want to go over the editing of the
    tiles in TileMolester as it's basically paint. If you can use Paint,
    you should find TileMolester really basic.
    Step 12. Let's see how it looks. Open up your rom in VBA. Ta-Da.
    You just edited the text box. Here's my really lazily edited version
    that I did in about a minute. I'll make a better looking one later on.
    Now here's a good looking one, changed and also with a palette edit.

    And I hope you learnt something today. Visual Boy Advance is a tool aswell. Don't take it for granted

    For help on homework and for studying.

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