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    Pokemon Pikachu's World


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    default Pokemon Pikachu's World

    Post by PokemonLad08 on Tue Oct 14, 2008 4:30 pm

    author:PokemonLad08 from pokecommuinity

    Hi this is my first hack so i have little expirance i need help with scripts sprites and the background images of the trainers when battling

    so any scripters and spriters and all that stuff plz just post a message on this thread and i will replay.

    i have all the equiptment but little knowlage on how to use them
    i would be the mapper anyways.

    Your ever ash and misty and you are coming to pallet town (beacuse you moved to viridian city (which will be called leauge city) and you go and visit oak and he gives you your pikachu after running tests on it.suddnely as soon as you leave the mountian in route 2 has a yellow pokemon on it and this pokemon is a pikachu who is gaurded by bolders and rocks you need to gain your team back so you go to a man in the 8th gym and lets you into his garden which contains your pokemon.
    After you get your team you will continue your jouney to collect all of the badges and HM's.

    brock will NOT be the first gym leader his dad will with weaker pokemon than in the leauge.

    1st Gym - Bruno (or) Brock's Mum or Brock's Bro Forrest (i thought he was called tommy)
    2nd Gym - Becky (made up)
    3rd Gym - Lt Surge's son (celio re-colour) (made up charcter)
    4th Gym - Lindsey (Made up)
    5th Gym - Koga's sister (i think it is in the episode with koga the girl in the pink)
    6th Gym - Jordon (Made up)
    7th Gym - Chris (re-colour cool/ace trainer)
    8th Gym - Gary (with dragon pokemon)

    if your pokemon are weak go to cave in route 2 and go and battle lv 50's-65's

    after you have all the badges get ready for a Lv70 pikachu battle.
    when you beat the pikachu he will go back to sleep.

    plz support me i need a team of hackers and banners will be made when i can learn how to make them Smile

    any admin's please dont close this fourm if there's no post's im a very bad hacker and need help

    when you make a vote on the poll please also send a message of which pokemon to have and lvl's plz

    PokemonLad08-Mapper/Half-Spriter-Half Battle Spriter (Creator)

    If you wana join fill out this form and ill check it (if already on team it doesnt matter)

    Specialty:(Just what you do eg:mapping)
    Proof:(Unless your a scriper just put a hack you've been in)
    Reason:(Why you would like to be in this hack unless you canrt think)

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    default Re: Pokemon Pikachu's World

    Post by G.K.S. on Tue Oct 14, 2008 10:28 pm

    Good luck and I hope to see more of it.

    For help on homework and for studying.
    Dark Link
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    default Re: Pokemon Pikachu's World

    Post by Dark Link on Thu Nov 27, 2008 4:12 am

    i like playing games that go the same as the show

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    default Re: Pokemon Pikachu's World

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