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    Community Rules


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    default Community Rules

    Post by G.K.S. on Sat Sep 20, 2008 1:47 am

    These rules are things you might know already, but they will be highly influenced in this community.

    No Advertising:
    You may not advertise your forum or website in threads or posts. This is strictly forbidden. If you want to have your forum or website added to the friends section, please PM me and only me for this. If you are caught advertising through the PM system, avatar,or in a regular post, you may get a ban without any warning. Advertising is allowed in your signature but that is it!

    No Spamming Allowed:
    To make the community look good and organized, spamming is not allowed. What is considered a spam? Making irrelevant posts on threads is one of them. If you want to make an irrelevant post, make sure you have relevant information in it as well. Over use of similes is considered spam. You may have up to 10 similes in a post. Only thread starters may double post, unless if it is in the "Other" category (also the threads in this category), the News thread, Introduction, or the Guest Talk Center. Anywhere else is considered spam. You won't get in trouble for double posting, unless if it is a big issue.

    Posts and Thread:
    In general we like it when people post. Still, there is a rule to what you post. Each posts must contain at least 20 letter in it or 5 words. A thread isn't a place to chat it is to discuss things. Go to the chat center if you want to chat. When making a thread, be sure that it is in the right section or it may be moved. A thread will have to start with what you want to talk about and try to be very clear on that.

    No Inappropriate Stuff:
    You may not post any images or say anything that is considered inappropriate. You may not place a link anywhere in the forum that will take you to a place that has this content. If you make remarks about this topic in any way, you are breaking this rule.This includes things like pornography or horrific videos that wouldn't even be shown on television.

    Do Not Abuse:
    What is abuse? Abuse in a forum is when you do not respect authority and other members. You may not use bad words against any authority or member. If you say something bad about an authority, you are asking for trouble. There is a bad words filter in this forum, but not all words are set. If you use bad words anywhere in the forum, that is considered abuse. You may not start a thread that is against a member of the community (users and authorities), these thread will be closed or deleted. Also you must NEVER discriminate anyone for whatever reason. If you don't like someone keep it to yourself. This is a place where everyone works together.

    Getting Authority:
    Authority is given to people who are usually active and seem to be a good member. This doesn't mean you will get authority, it is our choice. You may ask for it, and if we think you are good, you may start out as a moderator. Remember, this is our choice and we could do it any why we like. So try to be a good member, you don't need authority to be part of the community. Later on, we may ask you if you are interested in a position. If you gain authority and then you become a less active person or if you become a bad member, we may take your authority away or demote you from your status.

    Chat Center:
    The chat center is enabled in the forum, it is located at the bottom of the forum. If you misbehave in the chat center by spamming, we will kick you out. Only use up to 5 similes per message and place only up to 5 messages in a row.

    No Stealing:
    If you want to post something that belongs to someone else, you must have permission. If you post something and claim it as your own when it isn't, you are breaking this rule. This is true for tutorals and for tools, you must have permission to put them here. If you don't have permission, you may only place a link. You may not place a link to a forum, only to a website and only when it is useful. This is the only exception to the no advertising rule.

    Illegal Content:
    You are NEVER to post links to illegal content under ANY circumstances! If you do Immediate action will will follow and more than likely you will be banned without warning depending on the seriousness of the offense. Illegal content is defined simply by wether it is illegal or not.You may not post links for programs or roms or things of that nature if they violate some kind of law. Examples of things that can't be posted.

    1- A cracked version of photoshop.
    2- A video game, one example being an iso for a wii game.
    3- videos of certain crimes being committed. (Murder, Drug abuse, etc.)

    You may post a link to something if the people that made it or whatever allow it.
    There are certain things that may border line but still be legal.
    A couple of examples.

    1 - ips and ups patches.

    2- Programs that be frowned upon yet legal. Like the following example.(I do not know what the copyright is on this program. This is just an example.) A program like aircrack,which hacks into wifi, can be posted because the program itself is legall. It is the planning and use of this program on other people's wifi that can land you in jail. Another example would be Advance map. It is used for rom hacking but the program itself is not illegal.

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