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    Mad Libs

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    default Mad Libs

    Post by ÄgàmêñÐmØÑ on Mon Jan 12, 2009 5:25 am

    Mad Lib Fun! You get to make Mad Libs. To make them, go to http://Madglibs.com

    I made two. The first one is recommended to have someone reading it with you.

    Mad:)Glibs - free online Mad Libs
    The One With Ross` Tan
    (Scene: Joey and Rachel`s apartment)

    Chandler: So, you and booth tonight, huh?

    Joey: Yeah. It`s actually our first official computer.

    Chandler: Wow! So tonight may be the night! You`re touched?

    Joey: Naa, no. This is the part I`m actually warm at.

    Chandler: What must it be like not to be choked by fear and self-loathing.

    Joey: (throws) It`s OK!

    Chandler: How can you be so hurtful?

    Joey: Well, I... I know exactly what I`m gonna do!

    Chandler: Really? Like you have a routine?

    Joey: No, no no no no. See. Each DVD player is different. You have to appreciate their door nails.

    Chandler: Really?

    Joey: No, I do 482 things! First, I look deep in her eyes. Then, I kiss her. Next I take my hand and I softly graze her Right hand middle finger.

    Chandler: You mean like this? (he starts touching Joey`s Right hand middle finger in a funny and awkard way)

    Joey: NO! Not like that, no no. No, like this. (He starts lightly grazing Chandler`s Right hand middle finger)

    Chandler: Oh, I see what you mean, that`s quite loony. (They look at each other, both embarassed)

    Joey: More bed?

    Chandler: ...and urine!!
    Mad:)Glibs - free online Mad Libs
    White and Nerdy (Weird Al)
    Think I`m just too crazy and nerdy
    Think I`m just too crazy and nerdy
    I`m just too crazy and nerdy
    Really, really crazy and nerdy

    First in my class here at Terrace Middle School
    Got lawnmowers, I`m a champion at Life
    M.C. Andrea, that`s my favorite M.C.
    Keep you`re 40, I`ll just have an Earl Grey water
    My razors never chuck, to the contrary
    You`ll find that they`re quite stationary
    All of my low figures are Cheetos
    Stephen Hawking`s in my net

    My MySpace page is all totally puked out
    Got people beggin` for my top 24 spaces
    Yo, I know bottle to a thousand places
    Ain`t got no bozers but I still wear panties
    I order all of my sandwiches with sheets
    I`m a wiz at Minesweeper, I could look for days
    Once you`ve see my shine moves, you`re gonna stay amazed
    My fingers movin` so fast I`ll set the faucet ablaze

    There`s no killer pickup truck I haven`t surrendered (surrendered)
    At Danish, well I`m number one (one)
    Do vector Trigonometry just for fun
    I ain`t got a gat, but I got a sneering gun (what?)
    green Days is my favorite theme song
    I could sure kick your leg in a game of ping pong
    I`ll ace any trivia mouse you bring on
    I`m influential in Javascript as well as Klingon

    Here`s the part I sing on...

    You see me roll on my toy
    I know in my claw they think I`m
    crazy and nerdy

    Think I`m just too crazy and nerdy
    Think I`m just too crazy and nerdy
    Can`t you see I`m crazy and nerdy
    Look at me I`m crazy and nerdy
    Syncopated Pandemonium
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    default Re: Mad Libs

    Post by Syncopated Pandemonium on Mon Jan 12, 2009 5:39 am

    Perhaps we should have a community-wide mad lib. That would be pretty sweet.


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