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    Majin Jefe's Maping tutorial

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    default Majin Jefe's Maping tutorial

    Post by Dark Link on Fri Nov 28, 2008 7:25 pm


    Open Advance map and open your rom (r/s/e or fr/lg)
    double click on (from header)
    goto any i will go to little root (0.9)
    the tab that says map you can edit it with the tiles in the right
    next tab is movement permissions now thats where this comes in handy
    1=not passable
    4=not passable unless you use surf
    0=climbing ladders
    next tab is
    events for putting in scripts sprites signpost and warps
    next tab is wild pokemon since there is no wild pokemon in littleroot
    click on create new wild pokemon data now a little box will pop up
    grass is so pokemon appear on grass water is for pokemon so they can appear on water
    and tree just headbutt the tree and you will find a pokemon and fishisng rod you already know
    encounter ratio means how often pokemon appear i suggest 20 which is 7%
    now the 12 slots make sure you fill them all out becuase if you dont missingo wil apear
    next tab is header change town name weatheer music
    map height and map with is for more space on tab 1

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