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There are many new features available. Some of them include: the advanced profile, reputation system, and the point system. Thank you for waiting patiently, enjoy the update. Plus we are still working on fixing a lot of bugs and stuff that are wrong with the theme.



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    Post by G.K.S. Sat Jan 10, 2009 3:16 am

    There have been many updates to how ranking in the forum will be done.

    Here are the possible types of ranks members could obtain yourself:

    Ranking Rang0-1
    New Member - 0 posts or more.
    When a person first joins, this is the default rank.

    Ranking Rang1-1
    Member - 10 posts or more.
    After the member gets to take a look around the forum, they usually will have this rank.

    Ranking Rang2-1
    Active Member - 50 posts or more.
    When the member becomes active around the forum and starts coming on regularly.

    Ranking Rang3-1
    Advanced Member - 100 posts or more.
    After they come on for a while and usually after they get to know people around the forum.

    Ranking Rang4-1
    Professional Member - 500 posts or more.
    This is usually when the member starts to like the forum a lot and usually comes on a regular basis.

    Ranking Rang5-1
    Long Time Member - 1000 posts or more.
    After the user becomes very familiar with the forum, they will usually have this rank.

    Ranks given to members:

    Ranking Rangmo-1
    Moderator (Section Moderator)
    This is the section moderator's rank. They section moderator usually get a couple sections to moderate. They will also have moderating abilities in the News section. The moderator is allow to create rules for his/her section, but upper staff are allowed to edit it. The moderator's job is to keep the section working properly and also the help the section grow.

    Ranking Rangsupp-1
    Super Moderator
    The super moderator's job is to go through all the section and look for problems. They will probably only look at the basics in the section, such as spam. The super moderator has the ability to moderate all the sections of the forum.

    Ranking Rangco-1
    Co-Administrator (rank currently in use)
    This rank is currently not in use. This part will be updated later.

    Ranking Rangad-1
    The administrator is usually working on many things. They are the ones handling names changes, looking through sections, adding new parts in the forums, etc. The main administrator (G.K.S.) will have other features in the Control panel not available to other administrators. Still regular administrators have very high control over the forum.

    Other Special Ranks:

    Ranking Rangt-1
    DC Forum Team Member
    From now on, before a member is promoted into the staff (section moderator and above), they will be first offered to be part of the DC Forum's Team member.

    Ranking Rangv-1
    VIP stands for very important person. This is given to people who had made the community a better person and is a big part of the community.

    Ranking Rangs-1
    The rank is given to people who have been banned. Bans could be lifted according to the administrators choice. If you have a question about a ban, you may ask a staff about it (even if it's someone else's ban). Usually a person is banned after the person's warning level reaches 100. Some offenses may be a straight 100 point warning, and a ban. Sometime it may even be without the warning.

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